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Lets take the elevator to The Penthouse.

Journey to the Penthouse

Learn our process

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1. The Appraisal

We dive deep into our clients business by learning as much as we can about it through a questionnaire to evaluate brand health, positioning, current messaging, and goals.
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2. Discovery Call

We Establish the project scope, collect information about the business goals, project goals, and answer detailed questions to provide an accurate proposal price.

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PCBA Lines-01.png

3. Gold Print

We present a proposal, Contract, project Timeline, Tentative Plan, and/or Schedule (if applicable), 


4. Foundation

Your brand should tell a story. Our team carefully designs and develops brand marks, while integrating color psychology and strategy within the client's new brand identity
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5. Build

We strategically plan out and shoot the brand shoot while collaborating with professional copywriters to develop your website copy and unique brand voice.
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6. Interior Decorating

to complement your visuals, messaging, and voice We will amplify the experience by creating print and animation collateral to enhance your brand experience even further.
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7. Penthouse

Once we have properly celebrated your newly designed brand identity, we will provide you with an innovative and fresh new brand identity that will modernize your look and align with your messaging.

Our Promise

Our clients will have a fresh, strategic, and innovative brand identity that will modernize and enhance the messaging of their brand.

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